The Newsprint/Writing & Printing Division consists of 2 paper machines of total production capacity 135 Tonnes per day.  This division was started in the year 2002 with a paper machine of initial production capacity of 30 Tonnes per day.  After some process modifications, the production capacity of the machine was enhanced to 45 Tonnes per day.  The second paper machine was started in the  year 2009 with an initial production capacity of 60 Tonnes per day, and soon enhanced to 90 Tonnes per day after some process modifications.

The second paper machine has state of the art equipment imported from USA, UK and Sweden.  The manufacturing process is based on latest technology with automation and sophisticated equipment.  The Pulp mill has 3-stage screening in both coarse and fine screening with imported screen baskets from AFT, Finland to give excellent cleanliness to paper.  A Twin wire press with latest technology is used for thickening of the de-inked pulp and the pulp is then bleached with Hydrogen peroxide to improve the brightness.

The Paper machine is equipped with a hydraulic Head box of Allimand, France make which gives uniform formation to the paper.  The machine Calendar is Kusters type Swimming roll of Farrell Corporation, USA make which aids to improve the surface characteristics viz. smoothness of paper to give better printability.  The Rewinder supplied by Globe Radio Co. ensures tight winding of the paper reels, which is very crucial for newspaper and other major publishers with high speed printing machines.  All the major equipment are provided with latest technology Variable frequency / Inverter drives supplied by Siemens which ensure safety of the equipment and also help in conserving energy.  The Finishing house is equipped with an imported High speed Sheet cutter which is used for converting reels into sheets as per customer’s requirements.  This Sheet cutter is of duplex type and can convert over 30 Tonnes per day.  The sheet cutter is very precise with sheet size accuracy upto 0.5 mm.

While Newsprint is the primary product, Writing & Printing Papers of White Wove, Cream Wove,  Map Litho and Deluxe Map Litho varieties are the other products.  The Unit also manufactures Azure Wove and Colour Wove varieties of papers.  Deluxe Newsprint with 54 percent brightness and Diamond Newsprint with 57 percent brightness are two qualities of Newsprint manufactured.  White Wove, Cream Wove, Map Litho and Deluxe Map Litho papers from 64 to 82 percent brightness are the Writing & Printing varieties manufactured.  These varieties can be manufactured from 45 to 100 GSM in both reel and sheet form.

Our Newsprint is very well accepted for printability and runnability.  Most of our customers prefer our Newsprint for colour printing and front page/main edition and special editions as a substitute for imported Newsprint.  Our Newsprint reels are mostly joint-less or have single joint which seldom fail.  Our Newsprint is used to run on high speed machines from 45,000 to 60,000 copies per hour.

Our Writing & Printing papers are multi-purpose papers good for Ink Jet, Bubble Jet, Laser & Web Offset printing.  Paper manufactured in neutral medium using functional additives in raw material furnish are surface toughened, stronger, brighter and permanent in nature.  Care is taken in the manufacture of paper to impart the requisite characteristics to paper for high print quality.

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