Ramadas Group consists of Sri Ramadas Engineering Works, Sri Ramadas Paper Boards – Unit I (Kraft Paper Division) and Unit II (Newsprint, Writing & Printing Paper Division). Ramadas Group was started by its founder Mr. N. Venkata Reddi, and has its origins in the year 1974, with a modest workshop by name Sri Ramadas Engineering Works. Sri Ramadas Engineering Works earned good name in the Paper Industry by virtue of quality of the equipment such as Stock pumps, Vacuum pumps, Centrifugal Cleaners, Screens, Refiners, Head boxes etc. supplied to the industry all over the country.

In the year 1988, Sri Ramadas Engineering Works started manufacturing Egg Tray manufacturing machines. The demand for egg and egg export created boom for Egg Trays and the machines (to manufacture pulp moulded egg trays). Besides supplying several machines, the group has gone in for Egg Tray manufacturing also. It is no wonder the trays manufactured are selling product soon and till date enjoying name for their quality.

With the vast experience of over 20 years gained in Paper and allied industry, Ramadas Group ventured into Paper manufacturing. Sri Ramadas Paper Boards Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1994 with the first Paper machine of 8 Tons per day capacity. MG Kraft Paper of Plain & Ribbed varieties from 40 to 150 GSM are the products manufactured. The machine is presently producing 15 TPD after a rebuild. The mill also manufactures special quality lower GSM Kraft Papers for export purpose.

Motivated by the market response for Kraft Paper quality and the demand for White paper varieties, Sri Ramadas Paper Boards expanded its production capacity in the year 2002. In addition to the existing capacity of 15 Tons per day of Kraft paper, a second paper machine of 45 Tons per day capacity was installed. While Newsprint was the primary product, Cream Wove, Deluxe Cream Wove, Map Litho and Deluxe Map Litho papers are the other products.

Power without any interruptions and voltage fluctuations is very essential for continuous process like paper manufacture. Sri Ramadas Paper Boards had started a 4 MW Co-generation Power Plant in the year 2005. This Power Plant supplies quality Power and Steam to the paper units in Ramadas, which helps in making better quality paper cost effectively.

The market response for Newsprint, Writing & Printing papers at Ramadas is highly satisfying and motivating. Enthused by the success and market patronization, Ramadas group expanded production by installing one more paper machine. The new machine of 90 Tons per day capacity was commissioned and started production in March 2009. The machine has equipment imported from USA, UK and Sweden. This paper machine has latest technology with automation and sophisticated equipment.

Mill is having full fledged Effluent Treatment Plant equipped with Primary Clarifier, Diffused Aeration Tank with activated sludge process followed by Secondary Clarifier, and treated water parameters are as per PCB norms. The recycled/treated water will be reused for pulp and paper processing. As per the request of farmers during the summer season about 100 acers of land will be cultivated with our treated water. During the water clarification the generated waste sludge is being processed in 2 no’s of dewatering press. The solid waste is forwarded to egg tray and sundry board manufacturing units.

Ramadas Deluxe Newsprint and Ramadas Diamond Quality with 55 and 58 percent brightness are two qualities of Newsprint manufactured, while Cream Wove, Deluxe Cream Wove, Map Litho and Deluxe Map Litho papers from 72 to 82 percent brightness are manufactured in the Newsprint, Writing & Printing Paper Division.

As on date Ramadas group is producing about 150 Tons per day of various grades of paper in its paper division.
Ramadas group uses recycled fibre i.e. waste paper as raw material for paper manufacture. Also, the group employs Total Chlorine Free (TCF) Bleaching to protect ecology and environment. All the Writing & Printing grades at Ramadas group are manufactured in neutral/alkaline medium using special Sizing chemicals. These papers are multi purpose papers good for Ink Jet, Bubble Jet, Laser & Offset printing. Care is taken in the manufacture of paper to impart the requisite characteristics to paper for high print quality. Paper manufactured in neutral medium using functional additives in paper furnish are surface toughened, stronger, brighter and permanent in nature.

The management of Ramadas group never compromises with quality of product despite higher input costs. Ramadas group has well established laboratory to conduct stringent Quality Control and carry out Research & Development work as well. Having understood the importance of end use requirement of Newsprint, Writing & Printing papers and Kraft paper for corrugators, Ramadas group carried R & D work to strike the right raw material mix and process to get the best out of recycled fiber.

In addition to paper manufacture, Ramadas Group also undertakes Grinding of all types of Rolls used in Paper and other industries. This is done with high precision and accuracy on a Roll Grinding machine with complete automation. Ramadas Group also has an imported Balancing machine and undertakes Dynamic Balancing of various equipment used in many types of industries.

The philosophy at Ramadas Group is – “There is always a better way of doing a thing”. That is how there is continual development at Ramadas Group.

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