At Sri Ramadas Paper Boards, the Environment Cell has a full fledged Effluent Treatment Plant consisting of Primary & Secondary Clarifiers, Aeration system and Sludge Presses. The ETP is designed for handling nearly 10,000 m3/day of raw effluent to take care of sudden shock loads and keeping future expansions in view.  The Aeration system installed is a high efficiency Diffused Aeration system with ‘Activated Sludge process’, where Oxygen is supplied for BOD reduction.  The Diffusers are of Silicone membrane tube type, and are imported from Magnum-OTT, Germany. The Diffused Aeration system helps in maintaining the treated water characteristics such as BOD, COD, TSS etc. well within the norms stipulated by Pollution Control Board.

The Sludge Dewatering Press imported from Ashbrook, USA is used for effective separation/thickening of Clarifier sludge.  The thickened sludge is disposed off to Sun-dry board manufacturing units.  A Sludge Centrifuge Decanter of Alfa Laval make is also provided for separation/thickening of sludge generated from De-inking froth and other pulp mill rejects. The thickened sludge with fibre content is disposed off to Egg tray manufacturing units, while the thickened sludge with ink is disposed off as landfill.

Major portion of the treated water is taken back to be reused in the paper making process, thereby keeping fresh water consumption to a minimum and conserving energy.  The excess treated water is used for Green belt development in the premises in an area of around 40 acres.  In addition to this, another 45 acres land is acquired on long term lease for cultivation and development of Green belt.

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