CSR refers to a way businesses are managed to bring about an overall impact on the communities, societies and environments in which they operate.  The fundamentals of CSR rest on the fact that corporate should be responsible to address social issues. Sri Ramadas Paper Boards has been involved in serving the neighbouring community for over 15 years. As CSR initiatives, Sri Ramadas Paper Boards embraces its responsibility to create a positive impact through its activities as mentioned below :

1. Merit Scholarships at the start of every academic year to children with outstanding performance in
    education institutions in neighbouring villages of the Mandal.
2. Providing Computers and Furniture in Class rooms of Schools in neighbouring community.
3. Conduct Free Medical camps & Eye camps for people of surrounding villages.
4. Providing Cookware and Utensils for Kitchen & Dining hall of school in neighbouring community.
5. Donations for temples, churches etc in surrounding villages.
6. Financial assistance to Drinking water project in neighbouring community.


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