Sri Ramadas Paper Boards has an imported state of the art Dynamic Balancing machine for dynamic balancing of various types of equipment such as Electrical motor and Generator rotors, Turbine rotors, Fans, Impellers as well as all types of industrial rolls and rotors. The machine meets the standard of  OB 4201-84 with reference to ISO 2953-1985 standards.

The machine is capable of dynamic balancing of machinery with weights ranging from 40 Kgs to 20,000 Kgs. The maximum diameter of rotor that can be accommodated is 2100 mm, and the maximum diameter of shaft that can be accommodated is 430 mm.  The balancing speed range is 150 to 1000 RPM.  This machine caters to the dynamic balancing needs of all types of our machinery, and also provides dynamic balancing services to machinery of other industries.

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